A few recent projects...
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There's only so much we can show you here - to truly appreciate the detailing and build quality you need to see the real thing.

The main difficulty with demonstrating a lot of what we do is down to client/customer confidentiality - something, naturally, we take very seriously. So, what you see here, such as the Play Station display at Kings Cross Station, is merely a taster of what we have manufactured on behalf of Designers and Systems Companies.

So, whether it's concepts such as a one-off protoype for Marks & Spencer, or a big roll out for the likes as Nike and Dixons, everything has to receive the same level of care and attention, demonstrating our passion for the ultimate in build quality.

Call us and we can show you even more projects which will give you a better understanding of what England Brothers is all about...

Click on the headings below to see photographs of each project

BBC Broadcasting House, Tea Stations
National Gallery, Reception Counter in the New Building
Play Station at Kings Cross Station, London
Onboard Artwork Mount
Board Room Table
All made out of MDF!
Take a look at our Video Gallery page to see the 'Cogs in motion'!
Accoya Garden Bridge
London Transport Museum
St Johns Cathedral, Cambridge
HIDE Restaurant, Piccadilly, London
National Gallery - Reception Desk



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